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Seyi Bilewomo is a digital artist and a ¬creative entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in¬ 3d animation and motion graphics. He ha¬s worked in Branding and Television for ¬close to a decade, having executed projects for a variety of high¬-profile clients such as Sterling Bank¬, Pal Pensions, Chevron, MTN e.t.c He is the founder of Artfrocentric Consu¬lting which is made up of Artfrocentric Studios and Artfrocentric Campus.
If you are interested in animation and would want to learn the basics of breathing life to an animation character, then you’d love Seyi’s course.

Wind is the founding creative director at Soundvillle, an international Mix Engineer who has worked widely with national, continental and international brands for over a decade. He was certified by the best mix engineering schools in Germany and South Africa. He is a man gifted with diverse knowledge about the voice over craft and the studio essentials and making sure voice talents sound right.

His module is centered on Basic Studio Etiquette and Understanding Voice Textures.

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