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Why Voiceover Drill?

Voiceover Drill helps individuals build profitable careers in the ever-evolving voiceover industry. Whether you are looking to build a voiceover business or career; our collection of hands-on modules and industry-standard scripts equips individuals and voiceover entrepreneurs to develop the expertise required to succeed.

You stand to gain much more

Discover the unique qualities of your natural voice and how to uncover its full potential.

Word-Class Instructors

Learn from experienced, industry finest voiceover veterans and practitioners.

Access Practice Scripts

Get engaging scripts and performance exercises to practice and receive feedback from industry veterans.

Become a VO Entrepreneur

Learn the business basics every voiceover actor needs to excel in the industry.

Negotiate Wisely

Find out what the VO industry rates are and learn how to correctly charge for your services.

Get in Touch

Do you have suggestions, enquiries or a great idea to share with us
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