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This course gives you a well-rounded knowledge on voice over ethics, basic professionalism, understanding voice textures, psychology of skill development, pro studio etiquette, vocal awareness, voice over technicalities, vocal creativity, understanding client's perspective, voice over essentials, money management for voice talents, branding and the business of voice overs, practical steps to executing a brief, story-telling from a copywriter's perspective and practicals.

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April 12, 2021

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Prerequisite For Voice Over Drill Session

  • Recording device (phone,mics,etc.)
  • A quiet environment void of background noise
  • A bottle of drinking water 🙂

So here are the instructions:

  • Be upstanding,
  • Be in a good posture to enunciate and inflect appropriately,
  • Put a bottle of water beside you and sip intermittently while you record.
  • Below are the scripts, so make a choice, read thoroughly and
  • Record yourself voicing the script,
  • and upload here.
  • Our Instructors will listen and give you their feedback.
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Seun Shobo
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